Saffron, or azafrán, is a spice obtained from the stigmata of the flower of the Crocus Sativus Linnaeus, known as the Rose of Saffron.

The characteristic colour and fragrance of saffron make it a unique and highly appreciated spice all over the world.

In order to grow well, this plant needs a very extreme climate with hot, dry summers and cold winters. It also prefers dry, flat earth, without trees. Much of the landscape of Spain, the leading world producer, is ideal for growing saffron, but the region of Castilla la Mancha is most well known.

The saffron rose blooms at sunrise, which is when it must be collected so that it doesn’t dry out and lose its properties. For this reason the harvest takes place generally between sunrise and 10am in the morning. After collection the fibres are separated from the flower by hand.

To obtain one kilo of Saffron, around 85,000 roses are needed, and once the fibres are roasted that kilo becomes 250 grams. This process helps explain the high cost of saffron.

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