Fuet Català

Fuet is a salami-type cured meat very popular in Catalonia, in the north of Spain, my patch.

It is the essential cured meat that is to be found hanging in all Catalan kitchens and in any bar you wish to enter. It is one of the mainstays of smallgoods in northern Spain. Mariano’s Fuet has a characteristic flavour, a mild, sweet, slightly peppery taste with a smooth texture.

Nearly all Catalans will do the following when they get home from work: grab a beer and a bite of fuet. Very often, the fuet won’t even make it to the plate, and in our household, at times it didn’t make it home from the supermarket, if two small girls were on the shopping trip; all that was left was a knob of chewed meat with a string and ticket attached!

However, if there is time, the fuet will be sliced up, diagonally or straight, thin or thick, with or without skin, onto a plate, perhaps with other smallgoods like cured chorizo, salchichón, jamón, cheeses, olives, and passed around.

You have to be quick!