About Us

¡Hola! My name is Mariano Vivas and I moved from Barcelona to Christchurch in 2006 with my New Zealand wife, Mary, and our two young daughters.

My love for chorizo started early. Every summer, our family would head back to my father’s home region of Leon, northern Spain, for the chorizo making. We children watched as the villagers butchered and bled the pigs. Turning the meat into sausages was even more fascinating with the mixing and curing all done by hand following traditions passed down through the generations.

Our family took a year’s supply of chorizo back to Barcelona. They were the best around… better than any in the shops or markets. This yearning for the authentic flavours of home led me to start producing my own chorizo here in New Zealand.

Using the Vivas family recipe, I began experimenting. Over many months, I tried different types of pork, paprika, mincing methods and hanging times until I was completely satisfied. I have always loved cooking. Growing up in a family of nine, I was the only boy who ever helped my mother prepare meals. She always said to me, “Whatever you do, you must do with love”, and this has been my motto in the kitchen (and elsewhere!) ever since.

I am very happy to have recreated a small slice of La Vida Española here in New Zealand and I hope you enjoy my chorizo.

¡Buen provecho!